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              Chongqing High-quality and Benefit Automotive Supplies Co., Ltd. has four brands: Lianchuan, High-quality and Benefit, Baryton and Hi-Ming-Hui. Superior benefits of lubricating oil from the United States was born in 1918, a hundred years of brand, service Chinese, OE quality, trustworthy, has the quality of base oil, additives, technical formula of competitive advantage, products favored adhering to the credibility of development, quality to win the world, quality of survival of the business philosophy, service in the Chinese market, brand Youpin Hui oil a worthy of your trust! Brand new product synthesis steering oil on the market, by the Chongqing superior products Co., Ltd. Asia Pacific region of China's general operation

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Chongqing Goodness Automotive Accessories Co.,Ltd
Tel: +86 023- 47575060
E-mail: ypsh_youpinhui@163.com 
Web site: www.sanitoe.com
Address: 9 Liulin Road, Dingshan street, Jiangjin District, Chongqing

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2018(c)Chongqing Goodness Automotive Accessories Co.,Ltd      Tel: +86 023- 47575060 

 E-mail: ypsh_youpinhui@163.com       Web site: www.sanitoe.com      Zip code: 402260

Address: 9 Liulin Road, Dingshan street, Jiangjin District, Chongqing